The Agriculture Dilemma

Forum Structure on 7 September 2018

Following an introduction by the Governor General HE Rt Hon Dame Patsy Reddy;

Professor Juliet Gerrard will

set the scene and describe how leaders make decisions in the complex world where competing advice, limited knowledge and competing interests and risks must be weighed;

Dr William Rolleston will

discuss the role of an evidence-based advocate;

Dr Stephen Goldson will

discuss the role of a trusted advisor.

Participants will then be invited to think about the challenge that NZ faces with respect to the “Agriculture Dilemma”

Agriculture is suffering from a growing dilemma: it needs to contribute to feeding a growing world population, and conserve biodiversity and manage natural resources of an increasingly depleted planet. In addition it agriculture is the economic life blood for many nations.

A key question for New Zealand is:-

Have we got the balance just right and if not, what steps do we need to take to optimise the balance in the future?

Participants, in groups of about 10, will be asked to:-

·        address this question

·        recommend changes or steps that could be taken to change the balance, and

·        consider the impact(s) of their recommendations      

Over the lunch break a Eureka! participant from each table/group will report back on the key recommendations from the group and a rapporteur (Veronika Meduna) will draft a summary of the recommendations for the Eureka! Trust to submit to key affected parties.