The first EUREKA! Symposium was organised by the Rotary Club of Wellington in 2012 and repeated in 2013.

Following their success, the Rotary Club of Wellington established the Rotary EUREKA! Trust to own, develop and manage the national and regional events which showcase the talents of hundreds of young students who speak inspirationally and with great passion about the future opportunities for New Zealand from the application of science, technology, engineering and maths innovations.

These students hold the future of New Zealand in their hands.  They will be the exemplars of science, technology, engineering and maths communication.

The EUREKA! National Finals feature 12 students who have been selected as eligible candidates at their EUREKA! Regional Preliminary Competitions - held in all the university centres.

The 12 compete for the Sir Paul Callaghan Premier Award and the right to be known as the Sir Paul Callaghan Young Science Communicator of the Year.

Since 2014 The EUREKA programme has also featured a growing number of Scholarships awarded for the best presentations across a range of specified subjects – mainly based on the 11 National Science Challenges but also including specific Scholarships for Maori and Pasifika students in an effort to encourage more students from these communities into science, technology and engineering based careers.

In 2016 we launched a pilot of the Junior Eureka program to bring science and technology communication into primary schools, focusing on years four to six. The Junior Eureka programme emphasises local applications of science an technology.