Since its inception the Eureka Programme has actively developed the Eureka Alumni Group – those students who were selected as finalists in any year plus all students who have received Scholarships from the Eureka programme.

The purpose of the group is to find ways for these inspirational young people to find constructive and creative avenues to engage with critical decision making processes which will value their passion for science, technology, engineering and maths communication.

In 2015 the decision was made to establish the Alumni Group as a related but independent entity governed by the alumni themselves.  The first AGM and elections were held at the 2016 Eureka Alumni Forum.


The Eureka Alumni has four goals:

  1. To realise Sir Paul Callaghan's vision of making New Zealand the place where talent wants to live by bringing together science, technology, business, entrepreneurship and communication.
  2. To be a network for and to develop the skills of the Eureka Alumni.
  3. To promote and support the Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka Awards.
  4. To support the Eureka Trust with other initiatives such as Junior Eureka!

When the first Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Awards was run in 2012 it was a small national competition focused on getting students excited in STEM. Since 2012 Eureka! from the single competition to an entire pathway of programmes from year four to undergraduate students and an expanding alumni network. The growth of the Eureka! Trust has been in a big part due to the commitment and dedication of some fantastic teachers. To recognise this dedication we have decided to award two special Eureka Teachers Awards each year to the two teachers who have shown ongoing commitment to the mission of the RCW Eureka! Trust and are teaching at a school, university or polytechnic in New Zealand. 
Our Mission: “To increase young New Zealanders interest in STEM subjects and to foster young leaders who will through their knowledge of science, technology, engineering or mathematics, persuasive communication skills and their entrepreneurial vision will make "New Zealand, the most beautiful, stimulating and exciting place in the world in which to live".

The Eureka! Teachers Award

  • The Eureka! Teacher Awards (ETA) are valued at $2500
  • In addition to the cash prize the recipient teacher shall receive a framed Certificate.
  • The closing date for nominations shall be 30 July unless the Board determines otherwise
  • The Awards shall be presented at the National Awards Dinner unless the Trust Board determines otherwise
  • In any year, the maximum number of Awards shall be two


  • The Awards shall be presented to a teacher or teachers who have, in the opinion of the Trust Board, demonstrated significant on-going commitment to the Mission of the Eureka! Trust “to identify and foster young leaders who, through their knowledge of science, technology, engineering or mathematics, their entrepreneurial vision and persuasive communication skills, will bring about the vision of New Zealand as foreseen by Sir Paul Callaghan” 
  • In determining the significance of the on-going commitment, the Trust Board shall consider the nominated teacher’s engagement with student entrants for Eureka! programmes such as Junior Eureka!, Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Awards, Eureka Video Awards 
  • The definition of “teacher” shall include lecturers and tutors teaching in tertiary institutions


  1. Teacher nominations shall be to the National Convenor from groups or individuals using the nomination form available on the Eureka! website. Groups or individuals who could nominate a teacher include a Rotary Club, the Eureka! Alumni Group, the school or tertiary institution the teacher is employed at, parents whose children have participated in classes taught by the teacher, or the National Convenor.
  2. The National Convenor shall present a short-list of the best candidates for the Board to make a final decision 
  3. The Awards shall be presented at the National Awards Dinner unless the Trust Board determines otherwise.