Junior Eureka Update

Thirty-eight schools from a wide geographic spread registered to participate in the pilot for the Junior Eureka! programme. 
Those schools which provided feedback were very positive about the value of the Junior Eureka! concept in their schools. 
Initially the pilot was set up for Years 4-6 but at least one enterprising teacher from a low decile school in Auckland used the concept to engage students who were in Years 9-10. 
As a result this programme is now being promoted to teachers of students 4-10. 


Junior Eureka! asks students to work in groups to explore the use of science and technology in their local community and the
benefit/value the community derives from science and technology.  
The learnings the students gain from their research is then passed on to the school community (including parents) by short individual or group presentations by the students. 
Teachers have reported that the Junior Eureka! approach succeeds in engaging students and the whole school community in science and technology learning.