Increase in Scholarship Value and Virtual Region for Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka Awards 2017

Value of Eureka! Scholarships increased 

Gold and Silver Scholarships for Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Awards contestants are being doubled in value to the scholarship winner as the result of a Eureka! Trust Board decision on 6 December. 
Gold Scholarship recipients will receive $5000 and Silver Scholars $2500. 
Students will only be allowed to submit their entry for a single category. Maori and Pasifika students can also seek the special Scholarships available to them. 
The Board has responded to feedback from sponsors in its decision to increase scholarship value. 

Virtual Region

From 2017 students who live at least 75 km from one of our preliminary regional competitions (Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin) will be able to participate in an on-line virtual region. 
The virtual region students will submit a video recording of the summary of their main presentation to a dedicated on-line platform.  Standard assessment and marking rules will still apply to all regions whether they are geographical or virtual so that all entries have the same chance of making the national finals – irrespective of where they come from. 
The Eureka! Trust has also decided that participation in the virtual region will be open to those students who have a valid reason other than distance for not participating in a geographic region competition.  The changed rules will all be posted to the website in good time for next year’s competition.