Exciting opportunities for 2018

The Eureka! Programme will once again offer great opportunities during 2018 for students and their teachers to show their passion for and understanding of the value science and technology can deliver for New Zealand and the world.

We are making great changes this coming year to help Junior Eureka! students develop their inquiring minds, their reading, writing and analysis skills as well as their ability to explain what they have learned about how science and tech is applied in their community - look out for useful teacher resources and new ways student efforts will be recognised.

The Eureka! Video Awards will take a major step up and, with great support from our sponsors, we are looking for opportunities to showcase the best videos students produce.

The Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Awards will be our pinnacle event featuring cash prizes up to $10,000.

Our Scholarships will again be on offer to all students participating in the Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka Awards.  We are looking for a number of new Scholarship sponsors

Unlike many other Scholarships ours can be applied in any year of tertiary study and are not limited to payment of fees - for instance, they can be used for purchase of laptops and other necessary tools as well as living and travel costs - we know our recipients will spend the money on things they need to succeed.

We are also looking widely for internships for our students to get access to summer holiday work experience and expect to have some good news on that front later in the year.

For 2018 we are initiating a two-step entry process.

The first part is an Expression of Interest registration - this will enable us to provide support and guidance to teachers and students focused on the elements of the Eureka! Programme they are interested in.  Fill it in now to help us prepare for 2018.