Major Promotional Effort in Schools

Schools throughout New Zealand are receiving a reminder today about the scope and depth of the Eureka! programme.

Nearly 12,000 specially designed flyers have been sent to primary schools, intermediate schools, secondary schools and composite schools all over New Zealand to inform teachers and students about the range of Eureka! activities they can become involved in.

The Junior Eureka! programme is aimed at students from year 4-8 and emphasises group work to investigate, understand and explain the value of the application of science and technology in local communities.

The newly initiated STEM Video Awards asks students from Years 7 - 13 to produce a short video to explain science and technology use and value to New Zealand - working individually or in groups. The videos will be screened and judged at selected National Science and Technology Fairs.

The Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Awards this year identifies those NCEA subjects students can get achievement credits for when they submit their regional competition (including our new virtual region) presentations.

If schools would like electronic copies of the flyers click the button below to be taken to our downloads page or please request them from