Two Science Learning Entities to Join Forces to Enthuse and Empower NZ Pupils

The House of Science school science learning programme and the Rotary Eureka! Trust have announced they are exploring ways of working together to further science literacy in primary schools.

The House of Science produces teaching and learning resources which are aimed at helping school pupils gain an understanding of the value of science and technology for their lives and their communities. They are in the process of expanding their programme from its original base in the Bay of Plenty.

The Junior Eureka! programme was successfully trialled by the Rotary Eureka! Trust in 2016 and is a highly complementary activity which helps students expand their reading, writing and speech skills using their exposure to the applications of science and technology in their community.


“Both organisations are excited by the clear benefits for teachers and students of primary and intermediate age children if we work together,” said House of Science CEO, Chris Duggan and Eureka Trust National Convenor, Francis Wevers.

“But the bigger benefit is the long-term impact these activities will have on science literacy in the community as a whole. While experiments are a great way of teaching children about what can be achieved through chemistry, physics, biology and maths the lasting benefit that will bring about for more informed community dialogue about science based issues like vaccination and fluoridation to name but a couple.”

“There are all sorts of ways we can work positively together and we look forward to the opportunity to do so,” said Ms Duggan and Mr Wevers.

Further Information:

Francis Wevers
Mobile: (021) 910610

Chris Duggan
Mobile: (07) 5710711