Alumni Update - Hadleigh Frost

I have been studying theoretical physics in Oxford for almost two years. I am a lecturer at Merton College, where I teach undergraduates mathematics and physics. Last night, I walked past two Merton undergraduates.

"A lecturer in shorts..." said one.

"Hm. I know," said the other.

I blame New Zealand for my sartorial sense (or lack of it).

I helped instigate a seminar series in college to discuss everything from liquid crystals to Hawking radiation. The seminars are intended to improve communication between mathematicians and physicists. We don't always achieve this, but I am presently discussing how fast two black holes would move if you pulled them -- so everyone is entertained.

Through my involvement with the Rhodes trust, I am helping convene a forum in Oxford to discuss the global plight of sexual and gender minorities. These issues seem particularly imperative during this time of change. My role in the forum will be to moderate a conversation between a professor, Paul Maylam, and the writer Naomi Wolf. This will be an entertaining challenge.

In the coming months, I will be making academic visits and working on research. I am looking forward to a collaborative performance art project based in Berkeley, and set to happen sometime this year. Like everyone, I continue to learn how to navigate this ridiculous world. But I am grateful to always have something to think about, and, when I can't think anymore, someone to teach.

Alumni Updates is an ongoing series where we will post life, education, research and career updates from Eureka Alumni around the world.