Eureka! Video Competition - another way for students to tell stories about science and technology

After several months of planning, discussion and review the decision has been made to run the Eureka! Video Competition as a single national event rather than as regional events.

We've done that to make sure that our trial is a manageable exercise from an organisational point of view and to test some of the concepts we've built into it.

We are also looking to engage with some pretty special potential sponsors and this has been taking longer than we initially thought it would because they are busy people often located off-shore. 

A revised set of Rules has been developed which means every video entered will be considered on a fair basis against the other entries.

We are very excited by the possibilities of the video competition because it gives students who are not assured public speakers a powerful way of telling their stories about how we use science and technology in our community.  

Most schools and students have video recording and editing capabilities so the technical aspects of film making should be easy enough to cope with.

And remember.  There is an NCEA Achievement Standard at Level 3 which is totally on point with what we would like students to achieve.  The criteria for the competition wioll be posted to our website shortly.  The On-line tutorial is already there.