Alumni Update - Alexia Hilbertidou

The Eureka Awards were absolutely life-changing experiences which both developed my confidence immensely and opened many doors for me. I was fortunate that the Eureka Award I received was sponsored by the New Zealand Treasury. As a result of this connection, I had the opportunity to intern with the Treasury this January. I was placed within the Natural Resources department which was a challenging experience which confirmed my passion for the sciences. This year I am excited to start a Bachelor of Engineering at The University of Auckland. In March, I am also eager to be the Australasian representative at the Global Teen Leaders Summit in New York. I am grateful to be an Eureka Alumni and be part of a community passionate about scientific communication in a growingly 'post-truth' world.

Alumni Updates is an ongoing series where we will post life, education, research and career updates from Eureka Alumni around the world.