Alumni Update - Tom Moore

This week we are looking at what Tom Moore has been up to working overseas.

Where you've been for the last year?
I moved to London following some time travelling in Asia and have been here ever since,

A highlight or two about the past year.
The highlight is definitely my new job as an R&D Tax Consultant. The UK, like most OECD nations, has an innovation incentive for businesses by offering tax relief for research and development (R&D) projects. My work involves meeting with C-level executives, chief engineers, software developers, chemists, or whoever is carrying out R&D. I then get to analyse their projects and figure out the costs that qualify the business for tax relief. 

Where you're going to be next year?
I'll still be here - in London.

What you want to do long term?
I'm loving what I do but I can't keep away from NZ for much longer. Ours is the best place in the world. I'd love to come home and work in a similar role with Callaghan Innovation or another research institute.

Alumni Updates is an ongoing series where we will post life, education, research and career updates from Eureka Alumni around the world.