Fantastic Success at the 2017 Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka Awards

The 2017 National Final of the Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Awards saw interesting and entertaining presentations on a diverse range of topics. The judges noted the high quality of the speeches and had a difficult time selecting the Highly Commended and Premier Awards.

The Highly Commended Award Winners for 2017 are:

  • George Mander - "Using Brain Waves to Detect Crime"
  • Cassandra Spearin - "Unlikely Superheroes: Using Fungi to Clean Our Waterways"
  • Hana Te Puni - "NZ's environmental hero of the future the dung beetle"

The Sir Paul Callaghan Premier Award Winner for 2017 is Neakiry Kivi for her presentation "Reinventing Solar: the solution is clear"