The Future of Women in STEM - Sophie Mance

Published in the New Zealand Science Teacher, Issue 137 - Sophie was a finalist in this year’s Sir Paul clllghan Eureka!Awards


This year marks the 125th anniversary of women's suffrage in New Zealand; a major step forward to achieving gender equality. However, 125 years on, how close are STEM reliant industries to achieving gender equality? Since 1903, there have been a mere 21 female Nobel laureates in science, a shocking comparison to the 629 male laureates. Even today, New Zealand’s STEM industry is alarmingly male dominated with no female CEOs of any of our Crown Research Institutes.

My name is Sophie Mance, I'm a year 12 student at Wellington High School. I'm a keen science student taking physics, biology and chemistry, which I hope will lead to a career in molecular biology, genetics or engineering.

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