Eureka! Trust seeking a National Manager and National Administrator

The Eureka! Trust is looking for an experienced Manager to take the organisation forward to the next stage of its development. At the same time, it is looking for a person to take on the quite considerable administrative responsibilities that are now required. Both positions are part-time but will involve extended hours at peak times of the year. 

The National Convenor, Francis Wevers, has been doing both jobs for the past 5 years and has come to the end of his appointment.

"We need someone with fresh ideas and fresh energy to take the Eureka! Programme to the next stage," he says.

"It has been a wonderful experience being part of this organisation since the beginning in 2011. Now is the time to hand over to someone who will build on the solid base established so far."

Anyone who believes they have the necessary skills for either of the two positions and is interested can obtain the relevant Job Descriptions by emailing