2017 Beca Scholarship winner off to study in Maryland on full scholarship

Lan H Mai, the winner of 2017 BECA Scholarship wrote to Francis Wevers at the Eureka Office to give us an update about his plans for 2018. 

"After graduating from Rangitoto College, I have been awarded a Full Tuition Scholarship to McDaniel College in Maryland, USA. I plan to major in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and minor in Biology & Computer Science. During my freshman year, I will engage in a science research project with a Physics Professor.

"When I complete my 4 years of college, I plan to pursue graduate study at California Institute of Technology, focusing on research in fluid mechanics.

I would like to thank Eureka! Trust and the Sponsors for organising the Eureka! Awards. I hope there will be more students involved in this exciting opportunity."

The Eureka! Trust wishes Lan all the best for his future studies and looks forward to hearing regular reports on his progress through college and then his grad school.