Department of Conservation offers an amazing Internship as well as a Scholarship

New sponsor, Department of Conservation, has taken the bold step of allocating a Gold Internship worth $5,000 in addition to a Gold Secondary Student Scholarship (also worth $5,000) for participants in the Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Awards for the next three years.

The internship will enable the selected student to work in the field on a project which DoC sees as vital for the protection of endangered heritage species.

This is the first time Eureka! has been able to offer such an Internship and we are hopeful that more will come our way as sponsors recognise the value of giving our wonderful alumni meaningful work experience in their place of passion.

Both the Scholarship and the Internship will be awarded to students who deliver “the best presentation which identifies the role that science, technology, engineering or mathematics may play in the preservation of New Zealand’s endangered heritage species”

We look forward to receiving some great entries for these awards this year.