Nonsuch Consulting Eureka! Video Awards

Consulting firm Nonsuch Consulting has jumped on board the Eureka! programme as naming rights sponsor of the video awards which will now be known as the Nonsuch Consulting Eureka! Video Awards.

Eureka! Trust Chair Dr Russ Ballard welcomed the new sponsors “its great to have a firm like Nonsuch Consulting involved. They recognise the value of effective communications about STEM and the importance of encouraging young New Zealanders to become engaged in talking knowledgably about the importance for New Zealand and the world of STEM subjects and projects.”

This year we will have two entry categories - Years 5 to 8 and then Years 9 to 13.

As in the past, schools will also receive a cash award if their videographers win the award. Thew expectation is the school will use the cash to further STEM education.