This section will tech you how to shoot your video submission for the Eureka! Video Awards. The video at the top will give you all the key information and below that we will take a deeper dive into some of the points.



Planning will be key to creating your video. The latest version of the criteria and requirements can be found here and the full event and competition rules can be found here.


You don't need to buy lots of fancy equipment, to create a great Eureka! Video, use your imagination to come up with innovative ways to get the shot you need. For example, if your using a smartphone to film, instead of buying a tripod you can cut a slot out of a foam cup and use that to hold the camera to get a stable shot. If you need to film something while moving consider using a skateboard as a camera dolly and pull it along with a bungee cord or piece of elastic to make your shot nice and smooth.

Examples Techniques You Can Use to Create Your Video