Junior Eureka’s primary aim is to enable, encourage and engage young students to talk about science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with knowledge and confidence, to their classmates, friends and families. The secondary aim of Junior Eureka is to prepare students to participate and do well in the Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka Awards.

The students that participate in the Junior Eureka program will be presented with a certificate to recognise their achievement.

We are working with the Ministry of Education, the Royal Society of New Zealand and the New Zealand Association of Science Educators.


  1. Undertake a scientific investigation
  2. Write a short presentations with an introduction, body and conclusion
  3. Present speeches to the class
Francis Wevers sat down with Jo Hawthorne of Wellesley College to talk about what they got out of Junior Eurkea


Students are curious about science and feel empowered to talk about science with their friends and family


All students that present receive a Junior Eureka Achievement Certificate