The Junior Eureka! Programme – non-competitive

1. General

1.1. The Junior Eureka! programme shall be a teacher-led, student-age appropriate, participatory science and technology literacy and communication skills development programme
1.2. Participating students may be In Years 4-10
1.3. The principal objective shall be to give participating students confidence in their understanding of why science and technology is important in their lives and the lives of people in their community
1.4. Students, with the guidance/assistance of their teacher, shall

1.4.1.Identify a commercial, social or environmental activity which applies science, technology, engineering or mathematics in the community in which they live
1.4.2.Investigate the application in sufficient depth to establish the economic, social, environmental value the application delivers to their community
1.4.3.Prepare a compelling brief presentation (up to 5 minutes long) about the value of STEM to their community

1.5. Contestants may work in groups or individually to complete the tasks set out above

2. Delivery of Presentations

2.1. The presentation(s) prepared by participating students shall be delivered to:

2.1.1.Their class-mates, or
2.1.2.A school assembly, or
2.1.3.An event to which parents are invited

2.2. On completion of the presentations each participating student shall be presented with a Certificate of Achievement supplied by the Eureka Trust on request from the teacher

3. Additional support

3.1. Teachers are encouraged to:

3.1.1.Involve local business people, scientists, farmers, engineers, architects etc as resource and knowledge providers to the students
3.1.2.Involve Eureka! Alumni members as mentors and role models for students (Contact Eureka Trust for contact details etc)
3.1.3.Engage with other teachers through on-line groups and social media to share ideas and successful approaches