1.    Internships

1.1.  There shall be one category of Internship

1.1.1.     Gold Internships valued at $5000 in financial support for the individual student.

1.2.  Costs of Internships

1.2.1.        The costs of each Internship shall be met by the sponsoring organisation, to a value of at least $5000 to the intern. Costs may include remuneration, travel and accommodation costs which would normally be borne by the employing organisation as a part of its internship arrangements.

1.3.  Eureka Administrative Support Costs

1.3.1.         An organisation which offers up to two internships in any one year shall pay $5000 plus GST in Eureka! Trust administrative support costs. Administrative support costs for greater numbers of internships shall be negotiated

1.4.  Cut-off date for offer of Internships

1.4.1.        The number and type of Internships on offer in any year shall be determined by March 31 of that year or such date as determined by the Trust Board. No further Internships will be made available until the following year. Sponsors may choose to offer more than one internship.

1.5.  Eligibility

1.5.1.        Sponsoring organisations will have the option of restricting access to University undergraduates and/or school leavers. Such restrictions must be specified in the Internship notification. Subject to the agreement of the Trust Board other restrictions may also be specified.

1.5.2.        All student candidates may, upon submitting an entry for the competition, select an Internship that they wish their presentation to be considered for.

1.5.3.        Students applying for an internship may also apply for one scholarship.

1.5.4.        Once a choice is made it cannot be amended or changed.

1.6.  Selection of Internship winners

1.6.1.        Internship sponsors shall select their preferred intern(s) from the list of applicants prepared by the National Manager by a date to be determined by the National Manager

1.6.2.        The Sponsor shall consider the video recordings and the merits of all candidates who have applied for each Internship and will determine which candidate(s) should be selected.  The determination of the Sponsor shall be final and will not be subject to review.

1.6.3.        The basis for selection shall be the video recordings of presentations delivered to preliminary geographic or virtual region competitions and, where the Sponsor desires, personal interviews.

1.6.4.        Minimum standards for video recording of presentations are set out in the Eureka! Assessment and Selection Policy – Appendix Four Eureka! Programme Video Standards

1.7.  Award of Internships

1.7.1.        All Internships will be awarded at the Sir Paul Callaghan EUREKA! Awards Symposium or such other event deemed to be appropriate by the RCW Eureka! Trust

1.7.2.        In the event an Internship is to be awarded to a student who has not been selected as a National Finalist the student will attend the Sir Paul Callaghan EUREKA! Awards Symposium and all associated activities at the cost of the Trust and will be given an opportunity to deliver the 6-minute presentation they submitted at their regional competition

1.8.  Sponsor engagement with Internship winner

1.8.1.        Sponsors are to be encouraged to take an interest in the progress of their Internship winner beyond the awarding of and the period of the Internship and to develop a relationship with the Internship winner which will persist over time. 

1.8.2.        The details of the development of the relationship are for the sponsor and the Internship winner to establish but may take the form of further work experience, workplace visits and anything else which enhances the ability of the Internship winner to advance a career in their chosen field.

1.9.  Intern Mentor

1.9.1.    The RCW Eureka! Trust shall arrange for a suitably qualified person to be available as a mentor for all students who are placed in internships.

1.9.2.    The role of the mentor shall be to provide advice and guidance to each intern to ensure that both the intern and the sponsoring organisation receive the best value from the relationship.

1.9.3.    The National Manager shall prepare guidance material to assist sponsors and mentors so that the internship experience achieves expectations

1.9.4.    In the event there are performance issues the mentor will be available to the sponsoring organisation and the intern to facilitate a suitable resolution

1.9.5.    The costs of the mentor will be met out of Eureka! Trust Administrative Support funds


2.    Conditions Applying in the event an Internship is not awarded


In the event that a funded Internship is unable to be awarded in any year because there are no suitable candidates the following policy shall apply:

2.1.  Subject to the agreement of the Internship sponsor the Internship shall be carried over until the following year and,

2.2.  The Internship sponsor shall still be entitled to attend the Awards Dinner and the Sponsors and Finalists Dinner in the year in which the Internship was first offered

2.3.  In the following year the Internship Sponsor may offer the Internship again under the same criteria or under changed criteria as agreed between the sponsor and the Rotary Eureka! Trust subject to the sponsors payment of the administrative, promotional and events contribution portion of the Internship sponsorship cost as determined from time to time by the Rotary Eureka! Trust