A key component of Sir Paul Callaghan’s work was increasing the prosperity of New Zealand. Making the leap from pure science to commercial/social/environmental benefit for New Zealand is therefore fundamental to success in the EUREKA! Awards.

Here is a video of the late Sir Paul Callaghan talking about how science and technology can impact on New Zealand, produced by 90 seconds, Survive and Thrive 2011.


To get you thinking about the benefit of their science from NZ’s point of view
To build your understanding of the importance of communicating the cost/benefit to NZ of their science idea


To assess your big idea…

  • Carry out research
  • Carry out a cost benefits analysis using the grid
  • Ask friends, teachers, people in the industry, people in the academic field

Having an understanding of New Zealand’s National Science Challenges will give you an idea of the fundamental areas that the New Zealand Government are focusing on. Note that there are Scholarships available for each of these areas.