Virtual Region

The virtual region provides students who are unable to attend one of the in person regional competitions a path to entering the Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Awards. To enter students must be:

  • Usually domiciled more than 75 kilometres from the venue where a Geographic Region Competition will be held.
  • Unable to attend the regional event on the specified date and time by reason of an unavoidable conflicting commitment accepted as being valid by the National Convenor

Virtual Region Video Standards

Virtual Region Competitions for consideration by the National Finals Selection Panel shall meet the following standards

1. Content Standards

The video shall:

  1. Be a single continuous take which shall include the beginning and end of the contestant’s presentation
  2. Demonstrate by use of at least one wide shot that the presentation is being delivered in front of an audience
  3. Be shot so that the contestant is positioned in such a way that the lighting allows the viewer to see facial expressions 
  4. Avoid positioning the contestant in front of a bright light source such as a window
  5. Include in the frame the screen onto which the contestants supporting slides are being projected
  6. Ensure the contestant is at all times positioned next to the screen so they are included in the frame
  7. Ensure that sound recording is of high quality 
  8. Not be edited in any way other than to include a caption during the first 15 seconds which sets out the contestant’s name, educational institution and subject of their presentation

2. Technical Standards

  1. Video camera or iPhone or quality android phones (acceptable if they are from the last 3 years)
  2. File type MP4, MOV or WAV
  3. HD (1920x1080)
  4. 25 to 30fps
  5. Camera on tripod
  6. Camera no more than 1.2 - 2m from the presenter depending on quality of image
  7. Mic the presenter if possible