The Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Young Science Leaders’ Forum

The Eureka! Trust’s mission is:-

“To identify and foster young leaders who through their knowledge of science, technology, engineering or mathematics, their entrepreneurial vision and persuasive communication skills will bring about the vision of New Zealand as foreseen by Sir Paul Callaghan

Each year the Trust runs events and activities to identify and foster young STEM leaders’ communication skills.

Science Leadership

What is the role of science, and that of its leaders, in a world where trust in institutions, in elites and in experts appears to be in decline and the concepts of reliable knowledge and the distinction between fact and opinion now appear to be under threat? These questions cannot be addressed without engaging in the broader consideration of how science and scientists engage with society— what is the nature of that relationship, and how are the processes of societal decision making changing?” (Speech delivered by Sir Peter Gluckman STS series, University College London October 18 2017)

Forum Proposal

It is proposed to challenge the young science-oriented Forum participants to come up with suggested approaches to dealing with a significant issue facing New Zealand taking into account societal decision making processes: