At the Eureka! Trust, we want to realise Sir Paul Callaghan's vision of making “New Zealand, the most beautiful, stimulating and exciting place in the world in which to live”. To make this vision a reality we work to increase young New Zealanders interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). In addition to this the Eureka! Trust seeks to foster young leaders who will help to bring about Sir Paul’s vision.

The Eureka! Trust’s key strategies are to run a national Eureka! programme that will engage students from year four onwards in STEM communication, to run events and activities that showcase young people’s communication skills around STEM and its value to New Zealand and to develop continuing networks among participants from the Eureka! programme. 

Looking forward the Eureka! Trust has four key goals centred around four key areas Activities, Awards, Alumni and Administration. 

  • Activities Goal - Participation in Eureka! Programme events and activities is seen as a major goal for New Zealand students from Year 4 to undergraduate level
  • Awards Goal - Eureka! Awards are seen as the pre-eminent STEM Awards for young New Zealanders
  • Alumni Goal - Eureka! Alumni are a persuasive force in education, commerce and community life in New Zealand
  • Administration Goal - The Eureka! Trust has excellent governance and effective administration