Since its inception the Eureka! Programme has actively developed the Eureka! Alumni Group – those students who were selected as finalists in any year plus all students who have received Scholarships from the Eureka! programme.

The purpose of the group is to find ways for these inspirational young people to find constructive and creative avenues to engage with critical decision making processes which will value their passion for science, technology, engineering and maths communication.

In 2015 the decision was made to establish the Alumni Group as a related but independent entity governed by the alumni themselves.  The first AGM and elections were held at the 2016 Eureka! Alumni Forum.


The Eureka! Alumni Trust has four goals:

  1. To realise Sir Paul Callaghan's vision of making New Zealand the place where talent wants to live by bringing together science, technology, business, entrepreneurship and communication.

  2. To be a network for and to develop the skills of the Eureka! Alumni.

  3. To promote and support the Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Awards.

  4. To support the Eureka! Trust with other initiatives such as Junior Eureka!