The Eureka Science and Technology (Mini-Documentary) Video Awards are an upcoming addition to the Eureka Trust STEM pathway. 

We plan to run a pilot for this programme in 2017.

The Video Awards are intended to engage students with digital technology as well as how science and technology is relevant to their local community.

Contestants will produce a mini-documentary up to five minutes in length that tells a story about how a scientific or technological idea is being or could be applied in their community to increase its commercial, scientific or environmental wealth and well-being.

To create their mini-documentaries contestants can use any technology and techniques that they want.

Entry Conditions

The Eureka Video Awards is open to all students from year 7 through to year 13.

Videos submitted for this competition shall not exceed 5 minutes in length.

Students must submit all work by the due date, including any required certifications from a teacher or parent.

All key roles in the creation of the video, including but not limited to research, script writing, story boarding, directing, editing and special effects, shall be completed by students.

The closing credits of the video will identify the name of the school or schools which the students attend and the name, role and year group of each participating student. 

A teacher or mentor from the contestant’s school shall present written certification to the organisers that the video was the exclusive work of the students whose names appear as participants.

Judging Criteria

Students will be assessed on:

  • The clarity of the story line in the video
  • The clarity of the explanation of the science and technology and the explanation of how it could be or is being applied to their local community
  • The accuracy of the science or technology
  • Innovation and creativity of their approach to visual and audio presentation