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More information about the Eureka! programmes and the Eureka! Event and Competition rules can be found below the expression of interest form.
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Expression of Interest for All of the Eureka! Programmes

We will be in touch later in the year to get you fully registered in the Eureka programme(s) that you are interested in. You are encouraged to start working on your Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka Awards presentation or Eureka Video now, rather then waiting till the entry form is available.

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Age: Year 11 to Undergraduate
Entry: Online

Closing Date: 30 June @ 5 p.m.
Format: Presentations
with slides

The Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka Awards are a competition where contestants present speeches on a science, technology, engineering or mathematics idea of their choosing and how the idea will make New Zealand a better place. The competition gets students to investigate how big ideas from around the world could increase New Zealand's economic, environmental and social wealth and wellbeing.

Age: Year 7 to 13
Entry: Online
Closing Date: 30 June @ 5 p.m.
Format: A video up to 5 minutes in length

The Eureka Video Awards are an opportunity for students to use digital media to communicate their understanding of science and technology. In preparing for the awards students will investigate how science and technology could be or is being applied to their local community.


Age: Year 4 to 8
Entry: Through your school
No Closing Date
Format: Investigation with short group or individual presentations

Junior Eureka introduces students to how science and technology is being applied in their local community. The programme also gets students accustomed to talking about science and technology with their friends, family and classmates.