The Eureka! Video Awards Competition - During Pilot Programme

1. General

1.1. Eureka! Video Competitions shall be run as regional competitions or as a national competition as determined by the Trust
1.2. Contestants who participate in the Eureka! Video Competition shall be assessed by the judges on their ability to demonstrate their video has:

1.2.1. Identified an application of science, technology, engineering or mathematics in the community in which they live
1.2.2. Investigated the application in sufficient depth to establish the economic, social, environmental value the application delivers to their community
1.2.3. Resulted in a compelling story about the value of STEM to their community

1.3. Contestants may work in groups of up to 3 students or individually to complete the tasks set out above
1.4. Videos submitted for these competitions shall not exceed 5 minutes in length and shall comply with the requirements specified in the Eureka! Programme Video Standards (See Appendix Four)
1.5. Videos shall be uploaded to a website specifically designated for the purpose by the Trust

2. Conditions of Entry

2.1. Entry to Eureka! Video Competition

2.1.1. The Eureka! Video competition is open to students from Year 7-13 in intermediate, middle and secondary schools
2.1.2.Students wishing to enter shall complete the required on-line entry form by the due date including any required written certification from a teacher or parent and shall undertake to meet all entry requirements specified by the Eureka! Trust from time to time
2.1.3.Videos shall be submitted as the work of either: A group of students An individual student

2.1.4.Participating students shall fill all key roles: Script writing and research Narration Videography Sound recording Video editing Directing Graphics

2.1.5.The closing credits for the video shall identify: The name of the school which the students attend The name, role and year group of each participating student

2.1.6.A teacher or mentor from the contestant’s school shall present written certification to the organisers that the video was the exclusive work of the students whose names appear as participants

3. Assessors/Judges for Eureka! Video Competition

3.1. At least four and no more than six Assessors/Judges shall be appointed for each regional competition unless the Trust decides that a variation to these limits is desirable in the interests of fairness, equity and/or Assessor/Judge workloads
3.2. Assessors/Judges may be selected on the basis of their personal knowledge and/or expertise to provide coverage in the areas of:

3.2.1. Science, technology, engineering, mathematics
3.2.2. Teaching
3.2.3. Science and technology entrepreneurship
3.2.4. Science communication
3.2.5. Media and Video/Film-making
3.2.6. Applied science/technology

3.3. Also encouraged to be Judges/Assessors are members of the following groups:

3.3.1. Members of the Eureka! Alumni Group
3.3.2. Suitably qualified secondary school students who are not entrants and are nominated by their teachers

3.4. Assessors/Judges will be familiar with the Rotary Eureka! programme and will have satisfied the Rotary Eureka! Trust of their competence to undertake the assessment tasks required.]

4. The specific assessment elements for entries for the Eureka! Video Competition will be

4.1. Clarity and accuracy of story line in the video
4.2. Innovative and creative approach to visual and audio presentation
4.3. Clarity of explanation of the science/tech being applied in the local community; and knowledge of the area of science, technology, engineering or mathematics
4.4. Clarity of explanation of the economic and tangible benefit to the community as well as any benefit to environmental and social wealth and well-being]

5. Prior to Assessing Entries for Eureka! Video Competition

5.1. Sometime in the week before a competition the organizer of the event shall convene a meeting of Assessors/Judges to discuss the assessment criteria and ensure Assessors/Judges are well prepared for their task
5.2. The objective is that Assessors/Judges should go into their assessment of new entries with a common base of expectation of the performance of entrants]

6. Ranking and Prizes

6.1. All entries for the Eureka! Video Competition shall be ranked in order of performance. Prizes shall be awarded in accordance with the ranking order