Each contestant that makes it to the National Final will receive a merit award, worth $1500. In addition to this three contestants receive Highly Commended Awards, bringing their winnings to $5000. Each year one contestant is awarded the Sir Paul Callaghan Premier Award, and a total of $10000.


As well as the awards a number of scholarships are also available to contestants. Silver scholarships are worth $2500 and gold scholarships are worth $5000. See the full list of scholarships at the link below.


A number of sponsors are now offering summer internships in addition to, or as an alternative to, scholarships. Internships have the same dollar value as Scholarships.


NCEA Achievement Standards

To get a Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Awards entry assessed for NCEA Achievement Credits students will need to approach their teacher and discuss the possibility of their entry being assessed for credits. This should be done when the student decides to enter the competition. Teachers can also advise students that credits are available. One entry could be assessed for multiple standards: for example, an entry may meet the assessment criteria for both a science and an English standard. Credits can be awarded for both standards. Examples of standards that could be assessed are listed, but there could be other suitable standards. Students will need to discuss with their teacher what they will need to do to meet the achievement criteria of each standard, as they  may need to adapt their Eureka! presentation somewhat.

Teachers can access the Eureka! judging criteria here for information purposes. However, teachers’ assessments will be independent of the Eureka judges’ assessments.